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Cannes Lions Festival 2017 Favorites

September 17, 2017

Hello, dear friends! Today we’re examining some of my favorite campaigns from the Cannes Lions Festival this last June.

1. Fearless Girl

Whether you’ve known me my whole life or we just met, you’ve probably gathered that I am all about

G I R L   P O W E R.

This video spoke to me on an emotional level and reminded me of my own personal journey to California. As a young woman pursuing her degree, I want to know that I will have equal employment opportunities after graduating. Placing this female statue on Wall Street sent a clear message that women are strong, motivated, and perfectly capable of keeping up with men. Choosing a young girl to make this statement made it that much more impactful. How we speak to our children affects how they view their dreams and their ability to reach them. If our society can change its perception of women and their ability to lead, the future will be much brighter for everyone.

In terms of technicality, the producers did a great job of building in with quotes and dramatic music right until the statue’s grand reveal. By incorporating news clips, they demonstrated the overwhelming attention ‘Fearless Girl’ has received. Wrapping it up with live interviews and social media impressions brought it home and made the campaign incredibly relatable for every woman watching. Check out photos from the ‘Fearless Girl’ location on Instagram here.

2. MailChimp

When MailChimp’s video load onto the screen, I knew our class was in for a treat. I have been an active user of MailChimp for almost a year now, and their email blasts are quite humorous. Their campaign, ‘Did You Mean MailChimp?’, had me laughing and deeply thinking at the same time. The video thoroughly explained their unique approach to gaining more web traffic and brand recognition. Several of MailChimp’s campaigns were even picked up by major media outlets such as Rolling Stone and French Vogue.

All nine of their campaigns were vastly different from one another, therefore making it impossible for one to watch and not feel some sort of a connection. In fact, the video’s narrator even said, “MailChimp knew that to reach a very specific audience, the most direct path isn’t always the most obvious one.” In the article “What Does A Public Relations Agency Do?”, Forbes writer Rob Wynne says this:

“An agency is a good listener to the marketplace and knows what conversation starters will work…”

From a marketing and PR perspective, MailChimp had a specific audience in mind and leaped outside of the box to reach them. By combining creativity with extensive research, MailChimp’s campaign won my heart and the internet’s attention.

3. We’re the Superhumans

The Paralympics hit the nail on the head when they released their promo ‘We Are The Superhumans.’ Rather than feeling sympathy for the disabled, viewers were inspired and awestruck by their talent. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen next! This was due to the fact that those featured embraced their disabilities and didn’t allow themselves to be held back. The theme song echoed the words, “Yes, I can”; an idea that everyone can relate to.

Similar to the ‘Fearless Girl’ campaign, emotions were provoked and respect was formed. Instead of walking away with a list of Paralympic facts, the audience has now formed an emotional connection with the athletes and musicians they saw on the screen. This was an innovative way to grab the audience’s attention and direct it to an athletic event that doesn’t get much publicity. All I can say is that someday, I want to show my children this video in hopes that they may learn being disabled does not mean being less talented or able to accomplish greatness.

Which of these three campaigns was your favorite? Comment your answer below & have a fabulous week!

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