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Why I Love LA Original

October 15, 2017

The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles recently launched a campaign titled ‘LA Original’ in hopes of rebranding the city and encouraging growth. This campaign was propelled with a one minute video perfectly capturing the heart, soul, and culture that makes Los Angeles so unique. As a new resident, I am constantly falling in love with everything the LA area has to offer. Yes, there are negative aspects like traffic, but there are so many positives: creativity, diversity, opportunity. It’s a common viewpoint that LA is too crowded and too busy, but this new campaign shows that the city has more to offer. The logo itself expresses that while so many things have their roots here, there is still room for growth. This includes growth for entrepreneurs, artists, and dreamers of all kinds. Personally, I am a major fan of this new campaign and plan on showing this video to the next person who criticizes the city I love.

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