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Home for the Holidays

November 29, 2017

there’s no place like home! last week i flew home to surprise my family for thanksgiving, and let me say it was so worth the ten hour travel day. i arrived saturday night and my parents picked me up from the airport since they knew i was coming. we drove around and surprised my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (video coming soon!!) after seeing the fam, i drove to valley center high school to watch a musical with one of my close friends.

sunday-wednesday was full of trips to the Y, evening walks with my parents, coffee dates with friends and procrastinating my honors college assignments. even though i was busy catching up with everyone, it was refreshing to come home and have my parents to talk to.

we celebrated thanksgiving with my grandma mary on tuesday night, my grandma and grandpa perice on thursday, and my grandma and grandpa stutzman on friday. we don’t have any crazy thanksgiving traditions, but it definitely would not have been the same had i stayed in california over the break.

after friday’s thanksgiving lunch, my mom and i went to wichita to take a calligraphy class with Lindeman Carte. it’s something i’ve wanted to learn for a long time but never had the patience to learn on my own. we had a blast and are going to spend time practicing our skills over Christmas break!

i love kansas and have truly learned to appreciate my home, but i was ready to come back to california and finish out the semester. i’ll be returning in three short weeks to celebrate Christmas and the new year!! do you have any holiday traditions?

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