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November 17, 2017

after lots of patience and checking daily for instagram updates (follow them @museumoficecream here), i scored my four close friends and i tickets to the museum of ice cream in los angeles! i love finding cute bookstores, coffee shops, etc. so it was a no-brainer when i found an adorable new way to eat ice cream 😉

walking around the museum felt like we were ACTUALLY a part of willy wonka and the chocolate factory. my favorite room was probably the “mint chip” room because, as you know, i love plants. they had real mint growing and the mochi ice cream was to die for!! the banana room was probably a close second with the swings and scented wall paper (yes, it smelled like real bananas.) i’m so grateful i got to experience the museum before it goes out of town at the end of this year. their next location will set up soon in miami!

meet my girls! me, annalise, mo, anna + victoria

have a lovely week and comment your favorite ice cream flavor below! mine is chocolate chip cookie dough 🙂


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