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The Gang’s All Back Together

November 8, 2017

I am over the moon because my sweet parents visited me in Southern California this last weekend!! It’s been a little over two months since we last saw each other and I missed them more than I ever thought possible. For those of you who don’t know, I am an only child (which has resulted in my parents and I becoming hecka close with each other.) Although I consider myself fiercely independent, I’ve found myself calling my mom and dad daily to update them about the weather, what I ate for lunch and other things only they would care about.

They arrived on Wednesday, November 1st and I had the privilege of picking them up from the airport. Sadly, I had to rush off to class and spent the next two days in seclusion working on my Machiavelli/Aristotle comparison essay for honors. In the meantime, they ran multiple errands for me (which meant getting reallllyyyy familiar with my local Target.) #bestparentseverThursday night meant dinner with my folks and my girlfriends! We ate at Green Street in Pasadena (10/10 would recommend)

Thursday night included dinner with my folks and my girlfriends! We ate at Green Street in Pasadena (10/10 would recommend) However, I’d been battling a sickness for weeks and was still feeling under the weather. Friday after chapel was lowkey and I spent the day resting in bed, eating as much tomato soup as my heart desired without shame. I’m still convinced that having my parents in town is what actually healed me by the next day.

Saturday morning, I had to submit my big honors paper, but afterward, it was time to celebrate! We visited Mantra Coffee Company in Azusa and headed on to Old Town Pasadena for the remainder of the day. Madewell, Crossroads, and Urth Cafe are a few of my favorite spots!! We finished the evening by watching Trading Places back at the hotel.

Sunday was sad because it meant ‘goodbye’ was drawing closer. We made the most of our time and spent the afternoon in Downtown Glendora, strolling around and sipping our cold brew Classic Coffee. It’s been an interesting season for all of us as we’ve adjusted to new things in our lives. One thing we could all agree on is that we miss the pageant scene….so what did we do? Road tripped to Ontario to watch the Miss California Collegiate pageant!


When Monday morning rolled around, it was bittersweet. We grabbed our morning coffee as usual (as if the Kauffman family wasn’t already energetic enough, lol) and said our goodbyes at the airport. I miss my folks so much and cannot wait until we are reunited in Kansas for Christmas.

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