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November 14, 2017

Hi everybody! I’ve been using my blog a lot this semester for my Intro to Public Relations class (Yes, my assignments include writing blog posts. I chose the best major, haha) but am grateful I now have time to share my heart in an open and authentic way. Honestly, that’s been the goal all along. I started this blog almost four years ago as a way to creatively express myself, my thoughts, and the things that God has taught me. I never profess to have it all together or to have this whole following Jesus thing figured out, but sadly, society today makes us feel like a failure if we don’t appear that way. That was the motive behind my name change earlier this year:

Beauty in the Raw: finding beauty in life’s real and raw moments.

Because let’s face it. Life isn’t always full of pretty lattes and flowers and adorable fake laughing photos of you and your friends (c’mon, we all know you’re not actually laughing).

Since moving to California almost three months ago, I’ve received so many sweet comments about how happy I look. Let me be clear, you are absolutely right! There is no doubt in my mind that APU is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Never in my life have I felt more accepted by others and surrounded by the presence of God. However, there has also been a lot going on behind the scenes that the majority of you don’t know about.

I don’t say that to ask for your sympathy, but I am here to remind you that my life is not perfect and it’s okay to be real with one another. We don’t have to plaster on a fake smile and say that everything is okay when it’s not. In fact, I admire when asking how someone is doing and they give me an honest answer other than the standard, “Good! How are you?” This does not mean that just because you spilled coffee on your pants, you have a valid excuse to be in a bad mood the rest of the day! But it’s critical to remember that everyone has something going on behind closed doors.

This has been such a beautiful season full of growth and prosperity. I am in love with public relations, have made some amazing friends, and had some unforgettable adventures so far. I’ve also dealt with a lot of heartbreak and struggles, often feeling completely alone. Yet through it all, Jesus has never ever stopped pursuing me. I cannot explain how many times I’ve whispered, “I need to know that you’re still here and that you still care. Please.” And every time without fail, He shows up in some way– whether it’s in the form of a verse that speaks to me or an encouraging text from a friend. These past few months I’ve experienced hopelessness and almost felt numb to everything that was going on, but in the midst of my weakest moments, God has been there to carry me through. (Check out Psalm 46 if you need a good reminder of this)

I hear the Lord’s voice most clearly through music and this song by Will Regan and United Pursuit has carried me through many painful nights. I hope it serves a purpose in your life today and that God can speak words of encouragement through the lyrics.

As always, please let me know if you have any prayer requests. Let’s remember to be real with one another and to stop faking perfection. Have a lovely week!

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    Heather King
    November 14, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    I am so proud of you and love you dearly ❤️

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