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September 2018


Chapter Two: The Artisan Soul

September 20, 2018

One of the key things I learned from reading this chapter was, “People only become slaves when they have lost their dreams.” This hit home. Like many of us, I am a dreamer. Coming from a small Kansas town, I saw many people who also had big dreams to move away and start this career or pursue that dream. Sadly, most of them were convinced, or convinced themselves,…


Chapter One: The Artisan Soul

September 7, 2018

I have identified as a creative person for most of my life.  It’s hard for me to empathize with people who say they aren’t creative.  Erwin McManus, the author of The Artisan Soul, agrees.  He says “We see ourselves as created beings, so we choose to survive.  When we see ourselves as creative beings, we must instead create.”  I love that.  I’ve never seen myself as a create who is…