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Chapter Two: The Artisan Soul

September 20, 2018
One of the key things I learned from reading this chapter was, “People only become slaves when they have lost their dreams.” This hit home. Like many of us, I am a dreamer. Coming from a small Kansas town, I saw many people who also had big dreams to move away and start this career or pursue that dream. Sadly, most of them were convinced, or convinced themselves, that this dream was not possible. Instead, they changed their dreams in order to fit their reality. I also loved Erwin’s take on John 8:7-11. He poses the question, “Is it possible to be naked and unashamed?” I had never read that story with that perspective. Lastly, I learned about several famous artists, Van Gough, Monet, and Picasso, and how their determined dreams opened the floodgates to their creativity.
As I read this chapter, I wanted to know more about Erwin’s devastating business loss and what he learned from and through that. Also, it made me want to ask older family members about their past dreams and what stopped them from pursuing them.
One ‘takeaway’ from my reading that surprised me most was the section about the voices in our heads. Erwin asks, “Who do we become when we stop allowing all the voices in our head to crowd out the one voice we must hear to come to life?” I had never thought of those other voices in my head as needing to be silenced, but rather my one voice that was simply complex and confusing. With this new knowledge in mind, I feel as though I will be able to approach my problems and dreams with a deeper understanding.

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