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Chapter Three: The Artisan Soul

October 11, 2018

At first when I read Erwin’s statement “truth is not nearly as powerful as interpretation,” I didn’t know what to think.  For some reason, this rubbed me the wrong way.  How on earth could interpretation be more powerful than truth?  Truth is what guides our lives.  Jesus told us that he is the way, the truth, and the life.  This guy must not have read the Bible correctly.

Of course, just one paragraph later, Erwin references that same exact verse.

This chapter resonated with me on a series of levels.  A few of my favorite quotes come from page 73.  Erwin says “The more we live in truth, the more we find wholeness and become our most authentic selves.”  I have had to learn (and am continuing to learn) that the enemy tries to deceive us with lies about ourselves on a daily basis.  When I walk in the truth that God made me and knows me and loves me, I am able to step into who He wants me to be.

Another quote that convicted me was “We don’t see people for who they are; we see them through the filter of everyone we’ve ever known.”  I tend to bring expectations into relationships and am not great at giving people the benefit of the doubt if I don’t get a good first impression.  I also come from the Midwest which is a culture that differs greatly from Southern California.  

Finally, I appreciated Erwin’s interpretation of Jesus’s life as he explained the concept of interpreting our own lives.  That particular section inspired me to choose this quote for my GIF, which says “Choosing to live simply, Jesus lived humanity’s most profound life.”

This chapter really caused me to reflect on what I think about who God is and how I love others.

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